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Mikel Arriola denies the possibility that an owner “commands” in Liga MX

Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX.

Photo: Victor Pichardo / Imago7

There is often talk about how the owners of different teams are involved in decision-making within Liga MX. However, now Mikel Arriola, president of the tournament in Mexico, He came out and denied this possibility.

This idea took more out after the Owners Assembly, where Amaury Vergara is, Chivas ownerand after the supposed attribution that he would have in reducing the number of foreigners for all the teams present in the Clausura 2023.

“I came to the League through a process of headhunters very interesting because everyone says that there is one who is in charge and then they are puppets and that is a mythI came to an assembly where everything was problems… I have 5 assemblies and we have had all the agreements unanimously”details the boss of the Liga MX Online 4, TUDN program.

However, this is not the only thing that the president of Liga MX has said, as it is also He took the time to talk about the growth of Mexican soccer on national soil and in the United States.

“The MX League grows at 10 percent, today we have a property that is the Leagues Cup. Today we talk about that with the Leagues Cup, the Liga MX grows 20 percent because the United States is a very rigid market and now you can reach the MLS investing for the United States or for Liga MX”, he added about the local tournament.

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