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Mike Clevinger is investigated by the MLB for his alleged physical and psychological abuse of his partner and ten-month-old daughter

Clevinger belonged to the San Diego Padres before being signed by the Chicago White Sox.

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Pitcher for the Chicago White Sox Mike Clevinger is under investigation by Major League Baseball following allegations of physical and psychological abuse which, apparently, committed against his ten-month-old daughterthe MLB announced Tuesday.

The charges against Clevinger were brought by the mother of the minor,

MLB opened an investigation after learning of these allegations.. The White Sox were not aware of the allegations or the investigation at the time of his signing. The White Sox will refrain from commenting until MLB’s investigative process has reached its conclusion.“, the Chicago set reported.

Clevinger signed with the White Sox for one season and eight million dollars.

The mother of Clevinger’s young daughter, Olivia Finestead24, revealed to The Athletic that he has been in contact with the MLB since last summer and, according to his testimony, she and her children have suffered verbal and physical abuse from the player.

Finestead claimed that Clevinger attacked her by the neck in June of last yearand that a few weeks later slapped her when they were in a hotel during a series in which her former team, the San Diego Padres, faced the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Clevinger’s alleged attacks also affected the baby, to whom, apparently, he threw used chewing tobacco, according to the woman’s testimony.

One of the pitcher’s representatives posted a message stating that they had to protect their client “fairly and completely while being respectful of the White Sox and MLB.”

“We need time before responding”, added.

“Major League Baseball and the Chicago White Sox take any and all allegations very seriously, and the White Sox fully support the joint policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse shared by MLB and the MLBPA. ”, expressed the team in this regard.

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