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Miguel Herrera and his message to Ricardo Ferretti after being rejected by El Tri

Tuca Ferretti and Miguel Herrera.

Photo: Alejandra Suarez / Getty Images

Miguel Herrera continues to talk about his rejection of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF)to be the selector of Mexico. Ricardo Ferretti was the first to anticipate the refusal towards “Piojo” and the Mexican strategist himself called it “snout” for having predicted the rejection of the federative entities to his election as the new leader of El Tri.

I will tell you one, the louse will not be and not only because of the Aztecs“Ferretti said days before Diego Cocca was appointed as Mexico coach. In the days that followed, Tuca’s prediction came true and Miguel Herrera was left empty-handed.

The truth is that Ricardo has always been like this, so it’s okay, I say. At the end of the day, I also sometimes go overboard and we are technicians who say what we feel, what we see and what we think. I have to be thinking about Xolos and not about the National Team”, Herrera said in an interview with Clear brand.

Miguel Herrera does not hold grudges

As a result of Tuca’s refusal, Miguel Herrera revealed that there has been no approach from the Brazilian strategist to excuse himself from his words. But the “Louse” hinted that there is no major problem due to the statements of his colleague.

No, there have been several of these episodes where we have both warmed up a game and we have said things to each other, but every time we see each other we greet each other and hug each other well. We are not a gold coin to be liked by everyone,” he added.

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