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Miguel Herrera aims to take Mexico to the semifinals of the 2026 World Cup

The “Piojo” points to the bench of Mexico.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

As if it were a politician, Miguel Herrera continues with his communication game to convince the fans and leaders that he is the ideal coach to direct the Mexican National Team. To give his candidacy a boost, the “Louse” challenged the semifinals of the 2026 World Cup. In this World Cup, Mexico will host the United States and Canada.

“It will always have to be the idea that Mexico is at the topyou go to a World Cup to play it completely, play the entire World Cup, reaching the final is the idea, try to win the World Cup, but to be among the first four in the world you also already play the entire World Cup, we are also local to the venue where we play”, Herrera said in an interview with Halftime.

On the other hand, the “Louse” tries not to get too involved in issues that correspond to organizational factors and much less with managerial influence. An example of this is the quality of El Tri’s friendly matches on US soil. Miguel Herrera did not question said management.

“Friendly matches, suddenly they say that you have to look for matches of a high level, of world class, with the top 10, It’s not just saying it, you have to spend, that it’s not just the United States. Looking for European teams is not so easy… it is very complex, but all parties serve even if they are of a higher or lower level (…) That nickname of the cool matches it seems to me that it was given lightly“he added.

There are no puppets in El Tri

Finally, Miguel Herrera does not agree with the position that indicates that there are players within the Mexican National Team by imposition. The “Louse” gave an example to Ricardo Ferretticoach who today is among the candidates to lead El Tri.

He (Tuca) has already passed (through El Tri), after a long time he did not want to go, he realized that it is not true, you decide who to takeNobody questions you about anything, there is a sports director to discern what you do, talk, talk about everything that has to be done… Ricardo lived it, he realized that he took whoever he wantedI am sure that if they ask him if someone imposed something on him, he will say no because that is a lie (that the coach is a puppet)”, he concluded.

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