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Microsoft released Windows 11 licenses but you won’t be able to buy them

It has been a year since Microsoft launched the latest version of its operating system: Windows 11. Since then, the company has started selling its computers with the new version and deploying the respective updates to the millions of Winwdows 10 computers. As a solution for those who had an earlier version or wanted to build a team from scratch, the company started selling physical licenses.

NHowever, people who are not lovers of physical products or who for some reason prefer everything digital, did not have a choice…until now. Microsoft began selling Windows 11 on its official website in the United States. The strange thing about the matter is that, although it has been more than a year since Microsoft released Windows 11, they had never talked about buying it online.

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In fact, the exact date on which the product was uploaded to the website is not known, since the company did not send a statement, video, or even announced it on their social networks. The truth is that the company only put up for sale its Home version, which has a fairly high cost: $139; in Colombian pesos at the time of writing this note it would be $618,866. In addition to the Pro version, which you can download for $199; At the time of writing this note, it would be $886,000 Colombian pesos.

Without being too pessimistic, I don’t think many people in the country prefer to buy the operating system, because being reasonable, it would be better to spend more money and buy a new computer with Windows 11 integrated. Keep in mind that, just like with Windows 10, the company will release an annual update for Windows 11, as well as different evolutions over time. For its part, Windows 10 is expected to receive technical support until 2025.

Image: Microsoft

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