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Microsoft Outlook Attachment Extractor

Outlook Attachment Extractor is a free program for Microsoft Windows that allows you to extract Outlook email attachments.

Email attachments can take up most of the space required by email clients, depending on the number and size of attachments received on a regular basis. It’s usually a good idea to delete old attachments from your email program to free up space that may be needed elsewhere.

While you can go ahead and separate attachments from emails manually, doing so can be quite time-consuming work.

Outlook Attachment Extractor

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Microsoft Outlook Attachment Extractor is a small software program for Windows operating system that can extract and remove email attachments from selected Microsoft Outlook folders. Extracting in this case simply means saving attachments from a selected Outlook folder to another location on the computer system.

Delete, on the other hand, means that attachments will be unlinked from email messages, freeing up space on the hard drive where Outlook emails and profiles reside.

This does not have to mean that the attachment can no longer be opened from within the email. You can remove the attachment from the Outlook folder entirely, replace it with a link that points to the new location of the files, or replace it with a text reference in the email attachment.

This, in turn, can be interesting, as you can move attachments to a different partition or drive and still have them linked from within emails so you don’t lose access to them.

Various options are available to configure the process in detail. For example, it is possible to process only attachments that have a specific extension or those that are larger than a certain file size. The destination folder for the attached files can be selected, as well as the rules on how to process already existing files.

Outlook Attachment Remover can also be used to add deleted attachments to email messages again at a later time if the need arises.

Plus, you can re-enter unlinked attachments should the need arise at a later time.


If you want to reduce some of the disk space that Outlook takes up, one of the best options to do so is to move or delete attachments from email mailboxes. Outlook Attachment Extractor automates much of the process so you don’t have to manually process emails.

To updateNote: The program has not been updated since 2009. However, it should work fine with recent versions of Microsoft Outlook. Take a look at Mailstore Home if you need a more advanced solution.

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