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Microsoft Office says goodbye. Say hello to Microsoft 365

The traditional Microsoft Office will be renamed Microsoft 365, keeping all its usual software and applications.

O Microsoft Office is the most popular office software package in the history of computing. Launched in 1990, with the famous Word, Excel and PowerPoint, this set of Microsoft software merged with the also successful Windows operating system of this North American company to change forever the way the world started to work and study.

Although Microsoft has already started to promote the ‘365’ brand as a productivity banner by adopting the subscription model called Office 365 in 2017, an online version of Microsoft Office but through the cloud, the decision to drop the word Office only now arrived.

On its official website, Microsoft promises that by the end of this year this transition will be made official and that changes will happen not only in the name, but also in the logo, appearance and resources that will become available.

Microsoft Office: ‘office’ leaves and ‘365’ enters

It was from 2020 that Microsoft decided to change the name of the subscription of the Microsoft Office software package via the cloud from Office 365 to Microsoft 365, at which time it started to encourage its users to adopt this version of access to traditional software of the package.

The will to make the brand 365 the flagship of the company now culminates in the changes that will start with the Office.com website, which from November will be redirected to the microsoft365.com website, and which in January 2023 will reach the Office software on Windows and the Office mobile application .

This name change is intended to happen across all products, both home and business products, and Microsoft guarantees that this transition will have no impact on existing product accounts, profiles, subscriptions, files, or usage.

Microsoft 365: More features for the usual software

The traditional Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and others software will remain identical within the Microsoft 365 package, but the company promises new features to improve collaborative and teamwork with its users.

Some of the novelties include new ways to organize and group content, access to more information about the work team through a feed for the mobile application and new templates for creating documents. The new package will also include Loop, Clipchamp, Stream and Microsoft’s new Designer application.

For now, the company promises that the Microsoft Office brand will not disappear entirely as the one-time purchase of individual Office software continues to be available through the Office 2021 and Office LTSC plans and there will be no changes to the Office 365 subscription plans.

But this transition seems to mean that, in the long term, any new features announced will clearly be for Microsoft 365 and no longer for Microsoft Office.

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