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Microsoft Edge wants to integrate a photo editor • ENTER.CO

This year Microsoft kicked things off with its Microsoft Edge web browser. We have seen improvements such as the ability to import information from Chrome to Edge, the new APA rule generator, among other updates. All this led the browser to position itself as the second most used browser, but it is not enough for Microsoft. Now, everything indicates that the browser wants you to edit your photos right there.

The option would be as simple to use as right clicking. In fact, the feature is currently available as an A/B test; however, it is not available for the full version. Those who want to try out the feature will need to download the latest Microsoft Edge Canary update once the update is enabled.

We were able to learn about this new tool that the company is working on thanks to a post on Reddit by user Leopeva64-2. The redittor shared through his blog post, the experience he had with the ‘image editor’ feature in the web browser. There you can see how, when you right click, an option ‘edit image’ appears; pressing this option opens an integrated editor directly in the browser. From there you can edit images that you have previously saved on your computer.

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At least from what we can see in the interface, the editor has many similarities with the Photos application of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems. That is, it includes functions such as adjustment, cropping, filtering and markup; As for more advanced functions, we find a point correction tool and exposure brightness adjustment. OnMSFT mentions that these and other functions will be found in the editor.

Microsoft Edge.

However, although Microsoft Edge Canary is already available with this feature, it may not work on some devices. This is because feature rollout is staggered, reaching some users first and others later.

Image: Pexels/ Leopeva64-2

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