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Microsoft could launch playable demos • ENTER.CO

The war between game services continues. Although Xbox Game Pass has been available for a few months and already reigns in video game services, Sony is not far behind. The new PlayStation Plus, the fusion between the current PS Plus and PS Now, is expected to be released on June 23. Given this announcement, Microsoft is thinking of a counterattack strategy.

Play Station will offer three subscription options, with which players will have the opportunity to try exclusive demos; in this way they will be able to play and get to know a title before paying for it; Xbox is thinking of integrating the same possibility. As reported by Exputer, the renowned journalist and insider Tom Henderson argued that the company is seriously considering this option with the aim of providing more options to users, in addition to helping independent developers around the world.

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Henderson argues that independent studios will have everything they need to work on these demos; In addition, Xbox would be thinking of “rewarding” them, although the details about these compensations are unknown. The journalist also explains that the company plans to announce the playable demos before the opening of the Summer Game Fest that will take place tomorrow, June 9. That is to say, possibly tomorrow we will wake up with the official statement from the company if Henderson is not mistaken.

However, the insider reports that the feature would not be implemented until next year and will be reserved exclusively for players who are subscribed to Game Pass. This taking into account that the necessary distinction between the classic subscribers and those of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has not yet been made. However, the information should be taken with a grain of salt, as it has not yet been confirmed by Xbox or Microsoft.

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