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Michelle Salas is considered the most beautiful in her family

Michelle Salas is considered one of the most influential Mexican personalities among young people, on the one hand because she has stood out for her good taste in clothing, a trait that has given her great popularity on social networks, but also because her physical features they make her look like one of the most attractive girls.

It is not a secret that Michelle is part of the Pinal dynasty, perhaps one of the most referential families of the Mexican show business, who have been characterized by their talent, but also by their beauty, so it is no coincidence that she has a great similar to his grandmother Sylvia Pasquel, his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal, as well as his mother Stephanie Salas.

Her genealogical references have placed her as the most beautiful in her family according to her followers on social networks, who think that she has the bearing and beauty of Silvia Pinal, a benchmark for Mexican television and cinema. The comments arose after Michelle shared a photo of her where she shows off her elegance.

Michelle shared part of how she lived the New Year’s celebrations in Mexico City, where she shared special moments with her mother, but also showed her good taste by posing various styles of clothing, even sportswear, which showed that the fashion designer is also in good physical condition at 33 years of age.

Luis Miguel’s daughter has been living in New York for several years where she works and develops various projects, including collaborations with major fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Cartier and Tommy Hilfiger. Salas has also developed a jewelry line, which she has shared with his Instagram followers.

Unlike her grandmother and great-grandmother, Salas has not ventured, for now, into the world of acting or has launched herself as a singer like her father, she has forged her own path, which has allowed her to have her own personality and brilliance, which has been recognized by his fans and the people in the medium in which he works.

In addition to designing clothes, luxury accessories, and modeling, Michelle Salas also has an Instagram profile where she gives beauty and makeup tips, which has been well received by her followers and those who are interested in this type of topic.

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