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Michelle Salas confesses what New Year’s ritual she will perform to attract love in 2023

Michelle Salas revealed what ritual he will perform to attract love during 2023 and, as few times, she uncovered her desire to become a mother, although she confesses that it is a plan that will have to wait a little longer.

The daughter of Luis Miguel He had a brief meeting with the media during his time at the Mexico City airport, where he talked about some issues related to his love life, but also surprised by revealing what New Year’s ritual he could perform to attract love.

During the brief interview taken up by the “Despierta América” ​​program, the Mexican model was questioned on various topics, but although she never stopped her march, a reporter asked her if she performs any ritual during the first minutes of the New Year to attract good luck and fortune, to which he immediately replied: “red shorts can be“.

But his answer was immediately taken up to ask him if it is possible that said rite could be responsible for the fact that love has reached his family, referring to the courtship that his mother is currently experiencing, Stephanie Salas, together with actor Humberto Zurita.

It was there that she could not hide her emotion by assuring that romance could also be very close to her “Oh I know! love is out there“.

But another topic that he decided to touch on was regarding the recent rumors that arose on social networks about a possible pregnancy, since during the Thanksgiving dinner that he enjoyed with his mother, he appeared wearing a mysterious tummy that he attributed to having eaten too much. .

That was how he once and for all asked not to get carried away by the rumors: “It’s just that they can’t think you’re pregnant just because you had a lot of dinner, then they say that they do not go around criticizing the body shaming“.

However, he was blunt in assuring that becoming a mother is definitely one of his plans, although there is still a little to do before this wish becomes a reality.

“Yes of course!, at some point sure yes. Not for now, but surely yes, “added the also influencer.

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