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Michelle Rodríguez sends a powerful message while showing off her curves topless and in lingerie

Michelle Rodriguez appeared on the cover of the magazine Marie Claire of February, causing a tremendous impact among his followers, since for the first time she appeared posing topless and in lingerie to send a powerful message of self-love, but although she was proud to show off her body, she ended up dividing opinions within social networks.

The Mexican actress and comedian is making the dream of sharing an inspiring message of self-love and self-acceptance come true by starring in a photo shoot in which she took off her clothes to show herself as she is.

So, without fear of criticism and breaking with stereotypes, she agreed to pose topless, unleashing a series of reactions of all kinds, from fans who supported her and applauded her courage, to those who criticized her for trying to “romanticize” her. the obesity.

“As long as we can embrace it and be clear about it, we can go out into the world and maybe move mountains, we have to take away a lot of the ‘shoulds’, the blame, all these things that culturally have stopped us from being able to embrace who we are and fight for our dreams“said the 39-year-old also producer.

Although in the images Michelle González is comfortable with her body while sharing a powerful message about the importance of being “ourselves and learn to be our best company“He also invited his fans to accept the physique with neutrality.

However, it was in the comments section and through other social networks where Internet users expressed their dissatisfaction with this type of publication that tries to normalize being overweight.

“It is one thing to love you, respect you and accept you. Another very different thing is to promote obesity. I swear I love your personality! But you should not promote something that clearly harms the health of any human being!” and “I love people who fulfill their dreams but I hate fat normalization“, read in the comments.

Michelle Rodríguez receives the support of celebrities and followers

Despite the series of accusations she received, Michelle Rodríguez also provoked the admiration of her followers and celebrities such as Yalitza Aparicio, Aislinn Derbez, Fernanda Castillo, Galilea Montijo, Angelique Boyer, Paulina Gotto, Maribel Guardia and Sebastián Rulli, among many others, who They expressed how spectacular she looks and celebrated her success.

“Beautiful cover with a great actress and wonderful woman”, “It is the first time that someone includes us in a beauty magazine”, “You are beautiful”, “Goddess”, “How beautiful”, wrote celebrities and followers.

While, via Twitter, Maria Leon He pointed out that the talent, effort and work that Michelle has put in to see all her dreams come true seems to her to be “pure inspiration”.

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