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Michelle Renaud leaves an interview to not answer about Danilo Carrera’s commitment

Michelle Renaud avoids questions about her ex, Danilo Carrera.

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michelle renaud She is excited about the upcoming premiere of the film “Malvada” in which she participates, for which she thanked the support she is receiving now and previously with the film “Hunch”; but everything seems to indicate that Her good mood ended when she was questioned about Danilo Carrera’s supposed engagement.

And it is that, it was last weekend when the Ecuadorian actor and ex-boyfriend of Renaud shared a video in which he showed that he would have given an engagement ring to his mysterious girlfriendprompting his friends and fans to shower him with congratulations.

However, during Malvada’s press presentation, the protagonist of the soap opera ‘La Herencia’ avoided at all costs answering questions about her ex and a possible wedding.

“Hey, I want to thank you very much for coming to Malvada’s which is a great project for me and thank you very much”, he mentioned to thank the press for their support and immediately left the interview.

But what he did want to respond to with all the disposition was about the lesbian kiss that she will give for the first time as an actressWell, in the film directed by Jose Manuel Cravioto the character of Laura (Michelle Renaud) will have to exchange some signs of affection with the protagonist of the story named Fernanda (Gisselle Kuri).

“The truth is that as an actress I loved that this came in the script, It’s the first time I’ve had a lesbian kiss, for me it’s honestly the same kissing Giselle Curi than kissing (Giuseppe) Gamba because at the end of the day we are acting so there is no difference, but it moved me, we let ourselves go, “he confessed happily.

The television star stated that it has been a real pleasure to work with the entire cast and production, with whom she managed to experience everything from trust and commitment to the respect that each one has for their work.

She also recalled how much she enjoyed seeing herself dressed as a bride, as it is a wish that she would like to put into practice in real life now that She is very much in love with the also actor Matías Novoa.

“For me it is extremely exciting to try on a wedding dress, and I loved Laura’s (her character)… And yes, I do want to get married!“, said.

Finally, he mentioned that he has enjoyed being part of this facet with his son Marcelo, who has even had the opportunity to see part of the film.

“It’s something super nice and my son is going to see the movie and my boyfriend is going to see the movie and I think that everyone is going to think what you, that it is a wonderful movie,” he commented before Berenice Ortiz’s camera .

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