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Michelle Renaud goes for Shakira’s jugular for defending Piqué and they tune her in networks by reminding her of her past

The Mexican actress Michelle Renaud spoke out when no one called her about the controversial song of Shakira towards Gerard Pique. And he did it in an unfriendly way, because he criticized the famous Colombian singer with everything.

Every March 8, and also the rest of the year, it must be said. Michelle has been one of the voices that is most heard in the artistic medium of soap operas that talks about the empowerment of women and how they should not be criticized but supported.

But this time he completely contradicted himself and sent a message, which could be taken as unnecessary to send to the South American, Well, we really don’t know how the deals between Shakira and Piqué were and what really ended their relationship in such a sharp way.

Through their social networks, Renaud took advantage of a very funny and common meme to give his position on what Shakira decided to do with her songas if the Colombian was waiting for what the protagonist of “La Herencia” was going to say.

Neither late nor lazy, Michelle published in her Instagram stories: “What a pity that a mother wants to crush the father of her children. Her dirty clothes are washed at home.

Matías Novoa’s current partner continued to comment on the subject while sharing a meme that said, “the man who thought Shakira would fall for it.” Referring to the fact that the man who wanted to conquer Shakira in the future would be scared by seeing his behavior after finishing with Piqué.

Stories Michelle Renaud Instagram

But as expected, this comment was not well received by the fans, who not only criticized the secondary actress of “Rebelde”, but also the past and number of partners she has had since her divorce.

“Michelle criticizing Shakira, it’s clearly because she always lowers the husbands or boyfriends of other women”, “she CLEARLY identifies herself and that’s why she attacks Shakira”, “you are the least likely to respond to Shakira when you put different fathers on her to your son, on the other hand, Shakira stays on the sidelines and not like you with different ones all the time”, “two reasons why you didn’t like Shakira’s new song: are you an unfaithful man or are you the lover… mmm how do you see? ”.

These were some of the comments he received after criticizing Shakira. Let’s remember that she has had scandalous and very public romances, as well as her multiple breakups with Danilo Carrera.

Did Michelle Renaud forget her past?

It should also be remembered that Michelle after divorcing Josué Alvarado, the father of her son, has made comments about him, revealing that he is not the father for her son that she would like. And such has been their annoyance that they even went to legal action, due to which Alvarado has not been able to see his son due to this problem.

He is not the dad that I would like him to be, but nobody cares about that, not him or anyone, because that is my problem, but what I have to do is accept the dad that he is and the dad that is It is perfect for… I don’t know what the little one will experience but that life is preparing him. Sometimes parents teach by good and bad example, but both are equally valuable”he pointed out about his ex in a podcast with Aislinn Derbez.

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