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Michelle Renaud breaks down in tears and makes a desperate request to fans who celebrate Christmas | VIDEO

The Mexican actress michelle renaud He called on his followers not to eat meat this Christmas. On her social networks, the actress posted a video in which she showed images of pigs and told a story in which she tells what life is like for these animals.

Given this, the actress generated a debate among her fans, because while many agree to consume plant products during this celebration, others criticized her about the type of diet she maintains.

On her Instagram account, where she has 5.2 million followers, the protagonist of “La Herencia” posted a video he made with the animal rights organization PETA, in which he tried to raise awareness about meat consumption on these dates and how animals are treated so that they become a dish at Christmas dinner.

The actress was moved by telling a story, which also afflicted her admirers, as she presented images of a pig farm.

“In this video that I made for PETA Latino, I invite you to imagine that you are in their shoes. Imagine being separated from your mom, left inside a small cage for 6 months, and then violently killed. Don’t you wish someone would do something to stop this? You can do something! Go vegan and leave pigs and other animals out of your Christmas Eve dinner!”


Meanwhile, in his speech, Renaud, 34, began by saying “I don’t understand how humans can talk about kindness and compassion on Christmas Eve.”and then imagine the story of a small pig that is destined to die for human consumption.

While the celebrity was narrating, images of the conditions in which these animals are, which are one of the main dishes at Christmas dinner, were transmitted.

“Since I was born they separated me from my mother. They have only used her to have children after children, like me ”, Michelle said as if she were one of them.

“She has spent most of her life inside a cage unable to move. When they separated me from her, they locked me up in a pen for six months until, according to them, I was ready to be sent to a slaughterhouse. This place is horrible, it smells like death”

At the end, the actress asked her followers to have a dinner without any animal products this Christmas. “Tonight Christmas Eve be compassionate, but truly compassionate, and have a vegan dinner.”, He concluded with the applause of several of his followers, who thanked him for raising awareness and respecting animals..

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