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Michelle Renaud boasts of the love that her son feels for Matías Novoa

michelle renaud presumed that his son has an excellent relationship with Matias NovoaSo much so that even the little one already sees him with a very special affection, for which he ended up tearing down the criticism he has received on social networks.

Throughout the last few months, Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa have monopolized the spotlight due to the sentimental relationship that emerged on television forums and that they currently enjoy to the fullest in the company of their respective sons, Marcelo and Axel, respectively, who, like that they have achieved a coexistence based on respect and love.

And although the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivision soap opera ‘La Herencia’ has received strong criticism on social networks because her son supposedly Marcelo has been seen as a bit uncomfortable while living with Matías NovoaIt was Renaud herself who put an end to the speculation once and for all by sharing a video in which the moment in which her firstborn expresses the affection she feels for the also actor is appreciated.

It was in the stories of his official Instagram account, where the star of the movie “Malvada” published the short recording in which Marcelo hugs Novoa, who responds in the same way with a tender kiss.

“From 1 to 10 how much do you love Mati?” Renaud asked, to which the 5-year-old boy did not hesitate to reply: “20”

After another big hug from the protagonist of ‘Cabo’, Michelle again asked now how much she loved her, at which point she was surprised to discover that she loves them equally.

Despite the fact that on other occasions the couple has been cruelly pointed out by their detractors, this time the opposite was the case, since in the comments section the vast majority highlighted that the actress had great fortune to coincide with a man like Matías Novoa, who accepted the child and loves him.

“How beautiful”, “How cute”, “I got some tears”, “I’m dying of emotion”, “What a beautiful family”, “I love how affectionate it is”, “Find someone who loves your son as his who blessing”, wrote some fans of the couple.

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