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Michelle Renaud arrives in Venezuela with one of her most successful projects

Despite the fact that streaming has taken some of the spotlight off them, soap operas continue to gain space and so do their stars. Such is the case of the Mexican actress, michelle renaud.

On this occasion, he will arrive with the successful project “La Herencia”, in which he stars together with his current partner, Matías Novoa.

Said novel became one of the favorites of the audience due to the impact of the story, the locations in Mexico and the entire cast.

Other stars that are part of the cast are: Daniel Elbittar, Leonardo Daniel, Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil, Mauricio Henao, Elizabeth Álvarez, Paulina Matos, Tiaré Scanda, Gloria Aura and Julián Gil, to mention a few of those who worked on screen.

“This melodrama is characterized by telling the fiction of five brothers who exude sensuality and poise in each of the scenes. Thus “Juan”, “Pedro”, “Simón”, “Mateo” and “Lucas” have won the hearts of the fans (sic) and, they cannot take their eyes off him”They count on the official page of “La Herencia” where they show off the attractive actors.

The telenovela also premiered this 2022 in the United States thanks to the merger of Televisa and Univisionachieving the greatest success in the Hispanic audience and now they will seek the same in Venezuela, the country from which Daniel Elbittar and Emmanuel Palomares, one of the actors, originate.

What is The Inheritance about?

According to Televisa’s description, the character of “Sara” has fought throughout her life for the sad abandonment and death of her father, but she will also have to fight for the inheritance he left her, without knowing that later she will find an expected love that will help her to overcome the shows.

While Matías Novoa gives life to “Juan del Monte”, a man with an imposing personality, trapped in business and committed to a woman named Julieta Millán, but upon meeting “Sara” he discovers the meaning of true love, something that was not there. planning on its development.

Michelle Renaud, in addition to participating in the telenovela “La Herencia”, also made several films that were released these months, some of them are: “Doblemente embarazada2”, “Corazonada” and “Malvada”, the latter will barely hit theaters from Mexico on December 29.

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