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Michelle Renaud arouses suspicions of pregnancy after publishing a video with Matías Novoa: “Seeds of love”

Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa could be expecting their first child together.

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michelle renaud boasted with his followers on social networks a little-known facet along with Matias Novoa and their respective children, but this time The actress’s message aroused suspicions of pregnancy.

The protagonists of the telenovela ‘La Herencia’ continue to dominate the headlines since confirmed their romantic relationship last Octoberso after assuring that “they are already married”, they have not stopped sharing images with which they confirm that their relationship is very serious, so much so that they even already are thinking of growing the family Well, in their plans is to become parents again.

After the series of confessions, the news of a possible pregnancy could have been revealed during a recent publication by the actress, who through her official Instagram account boasted of her little-known talent as a plastic artist.

And it is that, on this occasion, the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Quererlo Todo’ and ‘La Reina Soy Yo’ showed off one of her works of art in which you can see the silhouette of a pregnant womanwhich he performed in the company of Matías Novoa and their respective sons, Axel and Marcelo.

The recording that was accompanied with the title: “seeds of love“So far it has close to a million and a half reproductions as well generated speculation about an alleged pregnancy of the actressso in the comments section some fans and detractors assumed that it is not only one, but two babies that the famous couple would be expecting.

“It was a way of communicating that is pregnant“, “The painting looks like a pregnant woman”, “I think she wanted to tell us that she is pregnant”, “She is already pregnant because that is what she wanted and was looking for”, “I believe that life is already on the way”, “Obviously she’s pregnant“, “A revelation clearly”, “A woman pregnant with twins“, “It seems that it is pregnancy”, are just some messages that he received.

It should be noted that, if it were true, the couple would be fulfilling one of their big dreams, because as revealed in a recent interview with various media outlets, they have been looking for their first baby together, wanting it to be a girl. who comes to complete his family.

“I’m happy, yes, that’s where we are. A girl, feminine energy is needed, we already have two children“, commented the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Cabo’.

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