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Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa boast about their first Christmas as a family

michelle renaud boasted to his followers on social networks how well he had during their first family Christmas with Matías Novoa and their respective childrena celebration that was joined by the parents of the actor and his sister.

The leading couple of the telenovela ‘La Herencia’ continues to grab the headlines since they decided to bring their love to real life, so after assuring that “they are already married” and are ready to become parents, both caused a stir again during Christmas by sharing several images with which they presumed that their relationship is very serious, so much so that she has already met the actor’s parents.

It was through their official Instagram profiles where once again Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa shouted their love in front of millions of followers, but this time it was to show that they enjoy a solid relationship in which their children, parents and other relatives They had the opportunity to live together during Christmas dinner this 2022.

In the series of photographs and videos, not only the actors appear, but they also posed accompanied by their sons, Marcelo and Axel, respectively, as well as the parents of Matías Novoa and his sister who traveled from Mérida, Yucatán, to live with the Mexican artist. and his family.

The album that was described with the phrase: “Merry Christmas” was liked by at least 158,000 followers, where they also received hundreds of messages of congratulations and praise at this important stage in their lives.

There is no doubt that the celebration was quite an event, as announced days before by the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivision soap opera ‘Cabo’, who during an interview for the program ‘Hoy’ revealed that the December holidays would be the perfect opportunity to that their families could live together.

“We are going to have the 24th off so we are going to share with the family. My family who is living in Mérida comes to visit me here in the city. I’m not much of going out, I prefer to be there with my son, my dogs, now that my parents are coming, my sister too, Mich’s family, so we’re going to be a great group,” he said excitedly.

He also trusted that all his loved ones would have a pleasant meeting because he already knows Michelle Renaud’s family because they also live in Mexico City.

“They’re going to meet right now, they’re going to like each other very well because I already know Mich’s family, they live here in the city, so it’s easier to get together with them, but it’s going to be very nice, very motivated, in fact I’m like more than, I don’t celebrate these dates muchbut with her I celebrate anything,” he said with a laugh.

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