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Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa are moved by appearing on networks with their children

Since their romance was made public, the actors Matias Novoa and michelle renaud They have not stopped enjoying their love through trips, the most recent being to Belgium. However, After several weeks away from their children, they decided to take a family trip that showed that their relationship is going from strength to strength.

Through her Instagram stories, the protagonist of stories like “Quererlo Todo” and “La Herencia” shared a tender image where she is seen smiling while hugging her son Marcelo and to her right the actor rests with his little Axel .

“Now the best trip with our loves”, wrote Michelle Renaud to accompany the popular image, but not before thanking a luxurious resort located in the Riviera Maya for their stay, the tourist destination chosen for their getaway.

With this image, the celebrities made it clear that their relationship is going in the right direction and that they do everything possible for their children to maintain a cordial relationship. And it seems to indicate that it is working!

It should be noted that the news comes only a few weeks after Renaud and Novoa were involved in rumors of a possible twin pregnancy. However, the couple has remained low profile and without clear comments on the matter.

Of course, in previous dates they declared that they have already begun the search for their first baby in common, hoping that it is a girl who arrives to complete their family. “I’m happy, yes, that’s where we are. A girl, feminine energy is needed, we already have two children”, commented the protagonist of ‘Cabo’.

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