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Michelle Galván shows the favorite corners of her new home in Miami on a house tour

The presenter Michelle Galván, who is part of the work team of ‘Primer Impacto’, is like a girl with a new toy with her recently bought house in the city of Miami, as she presumed on a recent tour that she did to the magazine People for the most intimate corners of the cozy abode that they have inhabited since September 2022. Previously they lived in an apartment that no longer met what they needed for their home.

chef’s wife Fernando Guajardo and the little one Megan shared that their new property has everything they have always dreamed of.

Although the residence, which is in a modern classic style, made them fall in love from the moment they met it, that was not an impediment for them to want to make a drastic transformation in several spaces, to such an extent that in three months they remodeled 90% of the property:

“We entered and it was a house that had to be done a lot. On the outside it was yellow, now it is white. I love white. Outside we had a mountain, we couldn’t even walk because of so many trees and plants that were around, but very neglected. We began to make changes according to the permits that were coming out. The flat was wonderful because in two weeks we already had a flat on. Remodeling a two-story house, almost 4,000 feet, in three weeks is a record,” the renowned journalist proudly declared.

Little Megan’s bedroom is one of the spaces that still needs to be attended to, but they already have perfectly visualized how they want it to look, so it is usually a matter of accommodating their time and budget.

“It’s going to be very princess, all in pastel colors, in pink,” Galván said about the visualization he has of his daughter’s bedroom.

In addition to his bedroom, the kitchen is another of the rooms that they considered essential when deciding which house to buy, since, due to his profession, Fernando is very demanding with the requirements of that space.

“We fell in love with the kitchen,” shared the renowned chef in an interview with People. Despite the crush, the couple made some improvements to that space, which is open and very spacious. Your kitchen is equipped with white cabinets, with stainless steel appliances and with two main islands that work to prepare food, but also as a breakfast area.

Although she didn’t talk about those spaces, the People photos allowed us to notice that her living room is made up of beige sofas and stools, as well as a coffee table and a rug. Its dining room, located next to large windows, is made up of a vintage rectangular table with space for eight people.

In addition to the interior spaces, the family also enjoys the exteriors, which are made up of a terrace area, green areas, a swimming pool with its respective spa area and an orchid garden.

To see more photos of the new property of this beautiful family, click here.

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