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Michael Bublé revealed the “secret” to a healthy relationship with Luisana Lopilato

Michael Buble | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Eleven years of marriage and four children later, the couple formed by the singer michael buble and the actress Luisana Lopilato remains one of the most solid in the world of entertainment, which is why They have become the target of questions about “the perfect recipe” for a relationship without bickering.

And everything seems to indicate that the singer of songs like “Feeling good” and “Home” is ready to reveal his secret, because In a recent interview, he was honest like never before about the relationship he has with Argentina.

“My wife and I understand that each other’s fulfillment is important,” Bublé told Red magazine. “I’m not saying we’re perfect, no one is, but we both have that understanding.”

An essential part of their relationship is based on teamwork, especially when it comes to caring for their children.. The singer explained that they usually take turns to fulfill their work commitments and present power in the upbringing of their 9-year-old Noah, Elías, 7, Vida, 4, and Cielo, 5 months.

“I won’t be on tour for certain months next year because she’s shooting a movie, so I’m going to be a dad on set. Then she will do the same for me,” she added. “We don’t care what we do, being together is the goal.”

However, this is not the only topic that Michael Bublé addressed during the interview, he also spoke about the tour that will start next March in the United Kingdom. “I think this is the best show I’ve done in my life,” he said.

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