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Mia Khalifa took off her clothes, wore a tiny bikini and showed support for Shakira

Mia Khalifa at the 2022 Latin American Awards.

Photo: Greg Doherty. /Getty Images

This time she did not pose with her usual sensuality, nor chains through each of her attributes. Mia Khalifa took off her clothes in the dead of winter in London, she was left with a tiny bikini and with the Music Sessions #53 by Shakira and Bizarrap. Of course, this ignited the rumors of her ending with the singer of urban genre, Jhay Cortez.

Of course, half the world was left with their jaws on the ground when they saw Mia Khalifa wear a small bikini and lie down to sunbathe, just when low temperatures are dominating almost the entire planet. In addition to the compliments that are never few in the account of instagram of the star of Playboy Centerfoldmany especially in Puerto Rico they wondered if the emotion for Shakira’s new song against Piqu√© this would be a hint for Jhayco.

After looking very much in love and inseparable, supporting each other in their different projects and also expensive gifts, jhayco Y Mine they stopped appearing together. Just like that and nothing more.

For everything that has happened the former porn actress when she left the adult industry, for a while now, she is very reserved and talks very little about her private life. But Shakira and Karol G have been a great inspiration.

Mia Khalifa loves Karol G and Shakira

Not only is she one of the models of the video “MAMIIIby La Bichota and Becky G but is the number 1 fan of the interpreter of the makinon Y catwoman to the point, that he went to the dressing rooms of his Bichota Tour in The Angels and posed to take photos and even cry with emotion.

Now he has given his unconditional support for Shakira regarding the terminated and new relationship of Gerard Piqué with Clara Chia Martin. The same thing he did at the time with Carol G. and its theme MAMIII And till provence, which he posted multiple times as well. All this leads us to think that the relationship with Jhay Cortez did not end in good spirits. However, until the time of closing this note, no one had given a direct statement about the break.

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