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Mia Khalifa overflowed her charms in a triangle bikini from Emily Ratajkowski’s brand

Mia Khalifa at the 2021 Latin Grammy.

Photo: Arthur Holmes. /Getty Images

Mia Khalifa posed with a triangle bikini and a very small thong from a pool in Amanjena, Morocco. There as she always showed her chains decorating her spectacular body and also promoted the swimsuits of her friend, the top model Emily Ratajkowski.

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A series of photographs could be seen in the photo carousel of Mia Kahlifa On Instagram. The triangle top was so small that its attributes overflowed in the same way.. But that’s no excuse for the former porn actress and star of Playboy Centerfoldif there is sun, herself she uncovers herself, poses in an Emily Ratajkowski bikini and publishes.

Just the day before Mia Khalifa was part of the ad campaign Aries. There he worked with a modeling star as well, such as connor cunningham. The influencer of Lebanese origin appears in several more images dressed and even with a colored balaclava from the same firm.

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Also, Mia Khalifa is debuting tattoos on her hand. in the best style of former porn actress He posed showing the same ones for the tattoo artist but with part of his top outside and by the way, wearing the clothes of which he is now the image, Aries. A woman in the middle of a stellar constellation, a mushroom and three stars in a row decorated her hand.

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Mia Khalifa supports Shakira

Very relieved of her grief and taking advantage of the sun that doesn’t rise very often in London, she took off her clothes and went to bed to tan, also wearing a tiny bikini. But what caught her attention was that she put in the clip the new song from Shakira with Bizarrap Music Sessions 53.

It is said that this could be a hint for his ex Jhay Cortez, the urban genre singer, with whom he had an intense romance. In fact, the couple caused so much havoc with the news of their relationship that they already had fans. Suddenly they stopped seeing each other and until the time of closing this note, no one had spoken about it.

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