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Mhoni Vidente rituals for New Year 2023: attract abundance and prosperity

Mhoni Vidente has advanced the New Year rituals that we can do this January 1, 2023 to ensure prosperity, abundance and harmony throughout the year, in addition to protecting the home from bad energy.

The astrologer, who is known for her predictions and spells, recommended doing all the rituals, but clarified that you can choose only one.

Seed ritual for abundance

This ritual must be performed on December 31 and we must leave it for the whole year. The materials that we will need are several seeds such as rice, corn, birdseed and lentils, a glass container, 5 red apples, flowery water or macuá bird perfume, whole cinnamon (in slices/sticks) and 12 current bills.

Make a bed in the glass container with the seeds you chose. Spray all the apples with the perfume and place them inside the bowl. In case they do not all fit, Mhoni Vidente said that they can be 1, 2 or 3.

Take the cinnamon, perfume it and bury it along with your apples so that the sticks are standing. Now spray the bills with the perfume, pass them all over your body while you state that this year will be one of great stability, abundance and personal growth. Put them inside the bowl, around the apples and cinnamon sticks. Every first of the month remove a bill and use it on food, then put a new one.

Ritual to clear bad energy

The following ritual must be carried out on December 31 and January 1. We need a flannel or red cloth, lotion of 7 males, perfume of the macuá bird or quick double luck, holy water and a new broom (preferably with a spike).

Prepare a small altar with all the materials in a place where you will not be interrupted. She takes the flannel and moistens it with the lotion of the 7 males, the perfume and the holy water. With the rag clean the front door of your house inside and out. Do this rite of flannel also on January 1.

Spray the broom with the lotion, perfume and holy water, now sweep yourself and your family members. This act is to eliminate all the negative energies that we have with us.

candle ritual

We will need a blue candle, a plate lined with aluminum foil, two glasses of water, 12 sticks of myrrh or copal incense, scissors, macuá bird perfume, quick double luck or flowery water and your daily lotion.

Take the scissors with one hand and the candle with the other, now imagine that you “cut” the air that is next to the candle. This act symbolizes that you cut off the negative energies in your life. Now spray the candle with the perfume of your choice and the lotion you use.

Hold the candle with both hands and make a wish, then say an Our Father and ask Archangel Uriel to take care of the house and family. Place the candle on top of the lined plate, bring the glasses with water closer, light the incense and finally the blue candle. You must light a daily incense for 12 days and change the water in the glasses.

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