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Mhoni Vidente Ritual on February 1 so that you do well throughout the month

The astrologer Mhoni Vidente revealed how to attract health, money and love during the second month of 2023 through a ritual whose indispensable condition is to carry it out exactly on February 1.

The first days of each month spiritually represent new beginnings and the opportunity to focus more positive energy to move towards goals and dreams.

The ritual of the famous psychic that she published on her YouTube channel, aims to release bad energy that we were able to absorb during January, so that it will allow us to start February fully purified.

How to do the ritual of February 1?

The materials that you will use They are: a red rose, sandalwood incense, a jug of water, 3 banknotes of the same denomination and that are in circulation, a red candle, a plate lined with aluminum foil, your favorite lotion, ground cinnamon, a red egg and a glass of rum, tequila or mezcal.

You will have to do the ritual on Wednesday, February 1It can be at any time, however, Mhoni Vidente suggests starting after the morning shower.

Spray the red egg with your lotion and pass it from head to toe while asking for bad energy to leave your life. If you wish, also pray the Our Father or Hail Mary prayer. When you’re done, wrap it in aluminum foil.

Take the candle and perfume it with your lotion, if you have flowery water use it at this time to consecrate the candle, if you don’t have it, your perfume will suffice. Now place it on top of the plate, sprinkle the ground cinnamon and place rose petals around it.

The next step is to perfume the 3 bills and pass them through your body as you did with the egg, then put them in the jar with water.

Place the candle with the petals, the pitcher and the glass of tequila on a small altar. Light the sandalwood incense with a match and then the red candle. At this time she asks that you do well throughout the month.

Remember that February is the month of love, so do not hesitate to pray to ask that your dreams in matters of romance and self-love come true.

Let the candle burn out completely, when it does, remove the bills from the jar, dry them and use them to buy food or pay a debt.

You can boil the petals in water and with this concoction mop the house to further potentiate the ritual.

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