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Mhoni Vidente reveals a powerful technique to cleanse the evil eye with an egg

the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente has revealed a powerful technique to cleanse oneself of the evil eye and negative energies with an egg. This ritual is one of the most popular to remove all the bad that is loaded in the spiritual body, and the psychic now teaches us her trick to make it work more effectively.

In the expert’s opinion, many of the diseases that the human body presents are due to an obstruction of energy, so cleaning it with an egg can help heal those that could be of spiritual origin.

Among the symptoms that would make us suspect the presence of energy maladies such as the evil eye are home accidents, insomnia, constant tiredness, headache or neck pain, feeling that everyone doesn’t like you, lack of appetite, constant presence of diseases such as diarrhea, dreaming of strange things, etc., as Mhoni Vidente commented in a video that he posted on his YouTube channel.

The astrologer emphasized that it is necessary to cut with all that bad energy, and to achieve it effectively revealed his technique to do it with an egg.

How to make Mhoni Seer’s egg wash?

The ingredients that will be used for this ritual are a fresh red egg, that is, keep it from being refrigerated, a jug or large glass glass with water mixed with salt and holy water, your favorite perfume,

Begin by abundantly scenting the egg until it is soaked, then pass it through your body from head to toe making crosses and praying a Hail Mary or Our Father. Now take it with both hands and say this prayer: “God, enemies I see, they want blood from my veins, I am not going to give it to them. Praised be the Sacrament of the altar, poisonous snakes collect their poison that they have prepared for me.

When breaking it and emptying it into the jug or glass with water, we say “there goes your salt and your bad luck”.

When the cleaning is over we must light a red candle at the suggestion of Mhoni Vidente. This candle color will make the ritual more powerful and will root out all the negative energy.

The astrologer said that if you notice that the negative energy is not cut off with the first clean, you should repeat it 3 Tuesdays or Fridays in a row. Additionally, we must place a red ribbon on the left wrist or ankle tied with 3 knots.

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