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Mhoni Vidente predicts that the green comet anticipates a new era

Catastrophic events that have occurred in recent days, such as the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, could be the beginning of a new era that came after the passage of the green cometaccording to the predictions of Mhoni Vidente.

Discovered in March 2022, C/2022 E3, the scientific name for the green comet, caused excitement as it was one of the few celestial bodies of this type that could be visible in the sky after reaching its closest point to the sun on January 12. The best time to witness it was from January 30 to February 5.

Since its discovery, it has been the object of study by astronomers who managed to find that its last passage on Earth was 50,000 years ago, and for astrologers like Mhoni Vidente his passing is no coincidence.

“It is a meteor that is moving all the energies” emphasized the psychic in a video posted on her YouTube channel, which is why we are seeing unusual temperatures and the change in the Earth’s magnetic field.

And it is that for the astrologer the presence of the comet marks the beginning of a new It was because 50,000 years ago caused the great transformation of the human being. Let’s remember that that time was the era of the Neanderthals.

The evolution that the human will experience now it will be of conscience and mentalityHowever, before taking that step, it will be necessary to finish what “is not well done”, such as bad regimes, guerrillas and economic situations.

“For there to be a new world order, there must first be chaos, destroy it in order to be reborn,” said Mhoni Vidente for what predicts that from now until 2031 problems will worsen such as wars, pandemics, famines and droughts.

However, he said that after that year that he classifies as “the cataclysm” he says that 1,000 years of peace will come. Meanwhile, he said that many of the things caused by man can be stopped.

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