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Mhoni Seer tells you the ritual you must do if you want to become rich

The dream of many people is to become millionaires and if it is one of your most usual fantasies, Mhoni Seer revealed the ritual you must do to become rich overnight. According to the astrologer, famous for her spells and predictions, through this procedure you open the doors of prosperity, work and abundance to achieve great material goals, for example, having your own house or car.

The ritual can be performed any day of the week and you will need various ingredients, so we recommend you get them the day before to have everything ready.

The elements that you will occupy are: a jar filled with water, sandalwood or myrrh incense, 3 red apples, 7 coins of the same denomination, different banknotes, a candle double fast luck, attractant or cornucopia (if you do not find it, you can be a yellow candle), a glass filled with tequila, mezcal or rum, lucky perfume (pájara macuá or quick double luck), holy water, your personal perfume, powdered cinnamon, brown sugar and golden glitter.

Before you start, bring all the ingredients to a table and line a plate with aluminum foil, because that’s where you’ll do the magic.

How to do the ritual step by step

Step 1: spray the 3 apples with the perfumes and pass them all over your body while you visualize what it means for you to have prosperity.

Step 2: place the candle in the middle of the plate lined with aluminum foil and place the 3 apples around it forming a triangle.

Step 3: repeat step 1, but now with the coins. Then place them around the candle as well.

Step 4: spray the bills with both perfumes and pass them all over your body, preferably in your underwear. Pray an Our Father or Hail Mary and ask that you have abundance. Now place them inside the jar filled with water.

Step #5: Sprinkle the apples, coins, and candle on the plate with the cinnamon, brown sugar, and gold glitter. Spray everything with your personal perfume.

Step #6: Moisten your hands with holy water. With a match, light the incense and then the candle.

Mhoni Vidente suggested lighting the candle for one hour a day if you need to leave home to work or run errands. After 7 days or when the candle runs out, remove the bills from the jar and keep them in your wallet without spending them. If you have doubts about how to do the ritual, we leave you the procedure explained by the astrologer herself on her YouTube channel.

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