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Mhoni Seer reveals how to reverse rituals of witchcraft and envy

the famous astrologer Mhoni Seer unveiled a ritual to reverse bad energy from witchcraft, envy and curses such as the evil eye. With this recipe, he said that it is possible to neutralize salts of things that are out of your hands.

Negative energy can be caused by ex-partners, coworkers, awkward family members, and others who are jealous of our success. While we can’t make them change their mindset, we can remove its harmful effects.

The main item you will need to get to do this ritual is a “reversible double candle”. The astrologer explained that you will be able to identify it because it is a combination of red and black colors, and it is obtained in markets or esoteric stores.

The other materials you need are: a red egg, 7-male lotion, macuá bird lotion, 7-flower lotion, holy water, cinnamon powder, salt, your personal perfume, 3 bills of the same denomination, a glass with water, a larger container with water and incense.

How to do the ritual step by step?

Step 1: The astrologer said that you can do it any day, as long as it is after bathing. Still in your underwear, perfume the red egg with your personal lotion, the lotion of 7 males, of the macuá bird and the flowery water. Pass it through your body from head to toe to cut off bad energies.

Step 2: break the egg and put the content in the glass with water. Add a pinch of salt.

Step 3Directions: On a plate lined with aluminum foil, make a bed of cinnamon powder. Pass the reversible candle all over your body and place it on top of the plate. Sprinkle the 3 bills with holy water and your perfume, and pass them over your body. Now put them in the big container with water.

Step 4: cleanse your body with the holy water and the lotion of 7 males. Light the incense and then the candle. Grab it with both hands and say an Our Father or a Hail Mary.

step 5: when the candle runs out, throw the egg away from home or in the bathroom. Tickets can be spent on food, transportation or gasoline.

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