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Mhoni Seer reveals how to do the Just Judge ritual to solve impossible cases

The astrologer Mhoni Vidente revealed what spell to do when facing a legal case that has not been resolved, be it your own or that of a loved one, and it seems impossible to reach a positive ending. It is the ritual of the Just Judge, a powerful spiritual procedure that helps cleanse negative energies so that the conclusion comes out in our favor..

The name of the Just Judge is inspired by the biblical moment when Jesus of Nazareth was presented before Pontius Pilate and declared that his kingdom is not in this world, reason why it is represented to him with the image of Jesus Christ. In this sense, it is said that only He is the one who can judge us.

Mhoni Seer explained that for the ritual a red candle of the Just Judge is needed, 2 glasses filled with water, the incense that is on hand, matches, 3 coins of the same denomination, a blank sheet of paper, a pen of red ink, holy water, your personal perfume, flowery lotion, dried basil leaves, cloves, cinnamon powder, 1 red egg and a handful of kitchen salt.

Ritual of the Just Judge step by step

The astrologer recommended do the Just Judge ritual on a Monday or Tuesday after 3:00 PM, at a time that is most comfortable for you. The step by step is as follows:

Step 1: with the red ink pen, write your full name on the sheet of paper, date of birth and describe the problem you want to be resolved, for example “I have a problem with migration…” and the deadline that you estimate must be finalized the matter . If you have documents from the lawsuit, place them next to your notes.
Step 2: Fold the paper in half and place it under the Just Judge candle.
Step 3: perfume the red egg with your personal lotion and pass it all over your body, from head to toe. Break it, put it in one of the glasses with water and add a pinch of salt.
Step 4: Moisten your hands with holy water and rub your body. Do the same step with the flower water.
step 5: place the dried basil leaves, cloves and cinnamon powder around the Just Judge candle.
step 6: now pray the prayer of the Just Judge. According to the Iglesia.info site, the prayer is as follows:

“Divine and Just Judge of the living and the dead, eternal sun of justice, incarnated in the chaste womb of the Virgin Mary for the health of the human lineage. Just Judge, creator of heaven and earth and died on the cross for my love.
You, who were wrapped in a shroud and placed in a tomb from which you rose on the third day, victorious over death and hell.
Just and Divine Judge, hear my pleas, attend to my prayers, listen to my petitions and give them a favorable office.
Your imperious voice calmed the storms, healed the sick and raised the dead like Lazarus and the son of the widow of Naim.
The empire of your voice put demons to flight, making them leave the bodies of the possessed, and gave sight to the blind, speech to the mute, hearing to the deaf and forgiveness to sinners, like the Magdalene and the paralytic. from the pool.
You made yourself invisible to your enemies, at your voice those who went to imprison you fell back falling to the ground in the orchard and when you expired on the Cross, at your powerful accent the orbs shuddered.
You opened the prisons for Peter and took him out of them without being seen by Herod’s guard.
You saved Dismas and forgave the adulteress. I beseech you, Just Judge, free me from all my enemies, visible and invisible: the Holy Shroud in which you were wrapped cover me, your sacred shadow hides me, the veil that covered your eyes blinds those who persecute me and those who wish me ill. Have eyes and don’t reach me, have hands and don’t tempt me, have ears and don’t hear me, have a tongue and don’t accuse me and keep your lips mute in court when they try to harm me.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Just and Divine Judge! Favor me in all kinds of anguish and affliction, adventures and commitments, and make the prisons open, the chains and the ties are broken, the shackles and bars are broken, the knives are bent and every weapon that is against me is dull and useless.
Neither the horses reach me, nor the spies look at me, nor find me. Your blood bathes me, your mantle covers me, your hand blesses me, your power hides me, your cross defends me and be my shield in life and at the hour of my death.
Oh, Just Judge, Son of the Eternal Father, who with Him and with the Holy Spirit are one true God!
O Divine Word made man!
I beg you to cover me with the mantle of the Holy Trinity so that I may free you from all dangers and glorify your Holy Name.

step 7: put the 3 coins in the other glass with water. Light the incense and the candle of the Just Judge.
step 8: You must pray to the prayer of the Just Judge for 9 days in a row at the same time.

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