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Mhoni Seer predicts that the trigger for World War III will occur in the Virgo era

After the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the tension between Taiwan and China, much has been speculated about the possible beginning of the Third World War, and according to Mhoni Seer, the trigger will come during the Virgo seasonalthough it will not be for any of these two historical events.

The astrologer predicted that there will be many guerrillas, coups in different countries, attacks against candidates and presidents in Latin America that will cause uncertainty. She visualized that it could be Brazil, Colombia, Peru or Mexico.

He explained in a video he posted on his YouTube channel, that Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mary And what happens in Nicaragua, where the government has launched itself against religion, will begin to happen in other nations, as well as in Muslim and Jewish states, since there is a negative energy that goes against the meaning of religions.

The Virgo era began on August 21 and will end on September 20.according to Mhoni Vidente, a time when we could see these military tensions that would trigger large-scale armed conflicts.

Birth of a power bloc

The astrologer sees that the leaders of Russia, China, India, Turkey and Brazil will join in a bloc that will aim to destroy weak countries. Mhoni Vidente thinks that there are many “disturbed” politicians that should be controlled.

The terrible fate of Pope Francis

As for the Catholic Church, he said that the possible resignation of Pope Francis is approaching or, in the worst case, there will be something that will end his life, such as an attack or assassination. This will cause radical changes in religion.

What awaits Mexico in the Virgo era?

The seer was not very flattering with the predictions for Mexico because she visualized in the tarot that the country will be hit by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, violence due to the accommodation of drug cartels and political coups.

He prophesied that one of today’s most important politicians will be arrested and leave other influential people in the dark.

The monkeypox vaccine

Virgo is a sign associated with wellness and healthIn this sense, the astrologer believes that while the Sun transits through the territory of this constellation, the coronavirus pandemic will decrease due to the presence of more vaccines.

But the most encouraging news the fortune teller sees is the discovery of the monkeypox vaccine.

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