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Mexico came from behind to leave Colombia on the field and achieve their second victory in the Caribbean Series in a game not suitable for the faint of heart

An exciting match took place this Saturday at the Monumental Simón Bolívar stadium in the Caribbean Series, where the Cañeros de Los Mochis came from behind to leave the Vaqueros de Monteria on the field with a score of seven runs to sixthe Mexicans ended up prevailing after Roberto Valenzuela was hit with the bases loaded.

In the first episode, both teams had already made runs, but it was the Cañeros who managed to get ahead 3 lines against 2 in a game in which the pitching was not very brilliant. However, the Colombians would take a later lead of 6-3 in the fifth chapter.

The Colombians seemed to have control of the situation and were heading for their second victory of the tournament, however the Cañeros were going to equalize the score with a small rally of three races that beat them to equalize the actions in the eighth episode.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Óscar Marcelino failed with a disastrous relief for the Colombians, allowing the bases to be loaded and to make matters worse hitting Roberto Valenzuela and causing the victory of the Cañeros, the second in this series added to a loss against Curacao.

Now Mexico will face Cuba tomorrow in the same scenario of La Rinconada, those led by the Venezuelan José Moreno will go in search of their third victory in this Caribbean Series.

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