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Mexican singer hints at Piqué to make him do his revenge song against Shakira

Piqué would have bought a house very close to Shakira’s, his ex.

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Shakira He had no mercy to sing about the infidelity of Gerard Piquéhis former partner and father of his two children in his most recent material with Bizarrap. For this reason, some came to the rescue of the former soccer player and offered to respond with another melody, as was the case with Josi Cuen, a former member of the Arrolladora Banda Limón.

Through his personal Facebook account, the Mexican singer Josi Cuen showed his support for Piqué and even shared a photo with the player, which is a photomontage. In his profile, he dedicated a message to him that aroused the curiosity of his followers.

“We are preparing a song against the “killer wolf”… To leave her Brute, Blind, Clumsy and Stubborn”


He also thanked the player in his publication, but without giving details of whether it was a joke or if he was serious about making a song to “revenge” on Shakira and respond to his hints.

Some comments supported the singer, but others criticized him for being so foolish. Finally, He clarified that he only joined the trend of memes on the subject of Piqué and there is no collaboration on the horizon. But it’s certainly something you’d like to propose.

Josi Cuen is a regional Mexican singer who previously belonged to the band La Arrolladora Banda el Limón, but decided to break up to pursue his solo career.

Shakira is once again a worldwide phenomenon

The Colombian used her best weapon: music, the best thing she knows how to do is that, as she says, “women no longer cry, women bill”, her song has been a viral success on social networks.

The singer released a song in collaboration with the producer Bizarrap to make fun of the footballer’s deception in the best way.

The impact has been such that many women and celebrities applauded Shakira’s courage, there were even brands involved that took advantage of the media attention.

And, although Piqué already responded to Shakira’s dedication, he hinted at her with a watch and using some phrases from his song. It seems that for her fans it is not enough.

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