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Meta reveals that at least 350,000 Instagram accounts were cloned • ENTER.CO

On July 5, Meta decided to take legal action against Octopus: an American technology company whose headquarters are in China. According to information that Mark Zuckerberg’s company, the subsidiary would have violated its terms of use, since it was allegedly in charge of selling to individuals and organizations, software capable of collecting data from thousands of users, invading their Facebook and Instagram accounts. .

In order to achieve the task and collect as much information as possible, the Octopus program took advantage of logging into the accounts of those affected, to enter and obtain their telephone numbers, location, dates of birth and any data that could be relevant and that could be captured by this method, including information related to the friendships of the victims.

“We are seeking a permanent injunction against Octopus. Protecting people against rental services that operate across many platforms and national borders requires a collective effort by platforms, policymakers and civil society and is necessary to deter the abuse of these capabilities both among those who They sell as among those who buy them, “Meta said in an official statement published last Tuesday.

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According to the figures that the company provided, Octopus, which would also have become a headache for Amazon, Twitter and Google, would have used automated Instagram accounts to not only extract information from more than 300,000 profiles of that social network, but to publish it on various cloned sites from where it was possible to view user data without their consent.

In addition to the above, Meta also assured that he sued a person resident in Turkey, Ekrem Ateş, for using automated Instagram accounts for the same purpose as the previous company, managing to extract the information and clone at least 350,000 Instagram accounts.

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