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Meta is replacing humans with AI • ENTER.CO

The changes in Meta continue, and like the rest of the movements we have seen, the new news indicates that it is not a good time for the company. As reported by our colleagues from Press Gazettethe company behind Facebook would be thinking of leaving humans behind to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace them.

However, this decision would directly affect the social network in the United Kingdom. It would all have started when the Press Gazette did an investigation of the work of journalists with the curation of content in the ‘News’ section of Facebook. The British media expressed concern about working conditions. So, Meta did what any company does: fire the workers.

The tech giant informed the editors of that section that curator contracts would cease to exist. It should be remembered that the aggregation tool is in charge of a team of approximately 15 journalists 24 hours a day. Until now, the entire section is selected by artificial intelligence, except for the featured stories. Now, with the new news, we can already assume that, starting in 2023, the entire tab will be organized and supervised by AI.

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The decision to divest from this news section comes at a time when Meta is looking to shift the social network’s focus to short-form video. In addition, the company has repeatedly argued that news is no longer a priority, neither for the company nor for users.

Meta launched the ‘Facebook News’ tab in 2019. Since then, it has operated as a scheme under which participating news publishers are paid for their content. Now, at least the 15 UK journalists will stop working at Facebook. We will have to wait for further news to find out if Meta has similar plans for other regions.

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