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Messi spoke about the “false” cup, his superstitions with Antonela and the illness he had as soon as he won the World Cup

Lionel Messi during the Qatar 2022 World Cup final.

Photo: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

In his first interview after winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with Argentina, Lionel Messi talked a little about everything with the host of the radio-streaming program “Perros de la Calle”, Andy Kusnetzoff, to whom he revealed the superstitions he had during the tournament. ecumenical, clarified the controversy of the alleged false cup and confessed that he was ill just after the celebration.

Cabals are common in many sports and Messi was no exception. The Argentine star said that he spoke with his wife and fulfilled a routine before the games. “We talked before going to sleep, without touching the game or anything special. We did the usual routine, every day before the games or the two, three days we repeated the same thing”.

“I was very calm, I slept very well, throughout the World Cup I was very relaxed, I felt that we were fine, that I was fine, that we were doing everything to make it happen and I felt very calm. I was able to sleep well and I didn’t have the anxiety of wanting the game to come. Bah, yes, but I knew how to handle it very well, ”he added.


Lio indicated that just after the intense celebrations and as soon as he arrived at his home in Rosario, “I was all red, I was shit**, bad sleep, sunstroke, headache. I was half feverish for two days, all burned”.

“The downturn of everything we had been through. The first two, three days I was half bad. But I took it cheap because it was expensive, those who took off their shirts were a disaster. But at that moment it didn’t seem like the sun was beating down. When we got to the property, my whole face started to burn, it was terrible, ”she added.

The fake World Cup

Shortly after the coronation ceremony, FIFA presents the winning team with an exact replica of the trophy and proceeds to take the original. In social networks it transpired that the cup raised by Messi was the replica and not the original.

“I don’t know why there was a mess with the Cup. I raised the good one and later in the celebrations there was half a mess. We didn’t know if it was the real one or not, but he had already been the first with my companions. It’s heavy,” he said.

He wanted Maradona to hand him the Cup

The figure of Diego Armando Maradona was very important for the albiceleste figures throughout the ecumenical contest. Messi did not hide his sadness at his departure before the Qatar 2022 World Cup, since he wanted to receive it from the hands of the Argentine legend.

“If he had been there, he would have given it to me, but he wanted me to see the world champion team. The image would have been very nice too. I believe that from above both he, as well as many people who want good for me, made efforts. Not only for this, but for everything in general. Especially them in this World Cup, with the song that was a boom for the whole world and they were pushing from above, ”he specified.

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