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Mery Gutiérrez will no longer be the ICT Minister of Colombia • ENTER.CO

The Prime Minister assigned by President Gustavo Petro falls before he can position himself. Different national media, as well as government sources, have confirmed that Mery Gutiérrez will not be appointed as the ICT Minister of Colombia.

For now there is no official statement from the Petro or Gutiérrez government on the reasons why her assignment as ICT Minister fell.

Announced chronicle of an ICT Minister lying down

Since her nomination was announced, the arrival of Mery Gutiérrez at the ICT Ministry has generated many doubts, to the point where the real surprise would have been that she ended up occupying her position in the ministry.

It all started on August 8 when it was announced that the government’s choice for the ICT Ministry was Gutiérrez. However, the same week that the announcement was made, the alarms were set off after it was revealed that Programar Televisión, a company in which Gutiérrez was a majority shareholder, had a claim for 45,000 million pesos against the State and that the process was in the Ministry’s portfolio.

In other words, less than 48 hours later, the ICT Minister of Colombia was already (legally) disqualified from holding office.

Damage control and postponements

At the time, President Petro ruled out the rumors of a replacement in his cabinet, assuring on August 20 that “We are going to support Mery. I’ve known her for a long time.” Mery Gutiérrez, on the other hand, resigned from her position as legal representative of the company and also from the rights of actions and litigation. But the damage had been done and the credibility of the selected person raised doubts in such an important case.

A dance then began to see if the minister was named or not, with different postponements for the ceremony of assigning the position. In fact, this very week we were supposed to have an ICT Minister, but on August 22 her assignment was canceled at the last minute. Outside the gates, the excuse was that the reason was scheduling problems and President Petro’s inability to attend due to dealing with the winter crisis. But internal voices knew that the reason was something else and that the week was surely going to end with the ‘never’ ICT Minister retiring from her post.

News in development

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