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Mercury retrograde is about to begin: what you should do, according to astrologers

Due to Mercury retrograde’s reputation for arriving with challenges, confusion, misunderstandings, delays, and technological glitches we may be wondering how to face the cosmic chaos that will begin this September 9 and will end until next October 2.

When they are retrograde, the planets seem to move backwards, however, they do not change their usual orbit, it is an optical effect due to our position on Earth, although for astrological purposes, yes they have consequences and it will depend on the star that retrogrades.

Mercury is the planet that governs everything related to technology, information and communication, so when it slows down, these issues often face challenges. Despite everything, these events can be positive.

Astrologers explain on StyleCaster.com that they are times to reflect and look within ourselves, that is, improve things like mental and physical health, carefully analyze our next steps and focus on our emotions. It is not about acting impulsively, but about a moment of calm; now is when we can go slower.

However, it is almost impossible to suffer the collateral damage of Mercury retrograde. Experts have emphasized what we should not do during these periods, but now we highlight what we can do while the planet of communication is going backwards.

What to do during Mercury retrograde

It is okay to say “no”

One of the most notable effects of Mercury retrograde is bring things from the past like friends, family and even old loves, explained Horoscope.com, for this reason, it is a good time to tie up loose ends of past projects or ideas, as well as discover what exactly we want to say and do.

Back up your files

It’s no secret that Mercury retrogrades usually cause communication failures and in technology. It is likely that files and photos will be accidentally deleted, so the recommendation is to make a backup of the most important documents; Don’t forget to hit the “save” button every time you make a change.

Try something new

We will enter a moment of introspection where we could discover new hobbies. There could be passions that we didn’t know we had.

rest and enjoy

When Mercury retrogrades life seems to go slower. It is a positive thing because in this dizzying pace of today, the days slip by like water in our hands. Therefore, it is ideal to take time to rest and enjoy, this will help us have a new approach to face chaos.

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