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Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn: what to do and what not to do

This December 29 and until next January 18, 2023 Mercury will be retrogradeone of the astrological events that most inspires concern, insecurity and anger, but fortunately for everyone, there are tips that will allow us to overcome it and avoid its effects.

Mercury, the planet in charge of messages, communication and technology, will go backwards in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn, in charge of discipline, structures and karma, which means that sIts impact will force us to pause and reflect about what we should do instead of acting, astrologer Elise Wells explained to the New York Post in its online version.

What effects does Mercury retrograde usually cause?

The issues that Mercury rules are interrupted when it is retrograde, in this sense, technology fails, communication is confused, travel is delayed, we do not think logically and information processes do not work as they normally would, detailed Horoscope.com.

For these reasons it is the most feared astrological transit, however, experts say that it is not as bad as it seems. Retrogrades slow down the pace of life so they are moments that we can take advantage of to think, analyze and reflect.

What to do and what not to do during Mercury retrograde?

Do not start anything / Yes finish what you already started

When we have a new plan on our hands, we urgently need to get it going as soon as possible. Tarot.com explains that during Mercury retrograde it is possible to overlook crucial information, or what you have in mind you cannot express clearly. Instead, use its energy to take stock of your earrings, polish the ones you’ve already started, and finish them off.

Do not compare expensive items / Yes compare prices

As Mercury retrograde affects technology, the belief says that it usually causes defects in all electronic devices. If you buy a computer, it is possible that it comes out with a defect, the same with a cell phone, screen, appliances, cars, etc. The recommendation is to wait for Mercury retrograde to end, meanwhile, take the opportunity to compare prices.

Do not sign contracts or make agreements / Yes, negotiate and mediate

As far as possible, avoid signing contracts or making agreements, in case you find it impossible to postpone them, analyze them in detail, read them 3 times and make sure you understand every word. The best thing to do is to extend these matters and take advantage of the time to make adjustments, negotiate and mediate situations.

Don’t hide / Yes be prepared for delays

The key to getting past any Mercury retrograde is to be prepared for its effects. You should not pause everything in your life, rather, anticipate the things that could happen. For example, if you have a flight planned, arrive with more time and be aware that it could take longer than usual.

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