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Mercury is retrograde: astrology tells us what not to do

Mercury began its retrograde on September 9 and will end on October 2.. During these weeks it will be possible to experience its effects which, according to astrology, range from misinterpretations of contracts and opinions, to the loss of checks and unforeseen delays in flights or appointments.

The reason is that Mercury is the ruler of everything that has to do with communications, information and technologywhen it is retrograde, the subjects it governs do not work as they should.

The consolation is that all signs of the zodiac, without exception, will feel its effects, although some less than others. Fortunately, astrology tells us what steps we should avoid so that chaos is not a constant in our lives in the coming weeks.

What not to do during a Mercury retrograde

According to astrologers from the site, the 3 things we should avoid as much as possible are:

1. Sign contracts without reviewing them

One of the most notorious effects of Mercury retrograde is confusion and misinterpretation, therefore, we should not sign contracts without reading them 2, 3 or more times until each point of it is clear to us.

Experts suggest letting go of your embarrassment and asking the right questions no matter how obvious they seem. If you have the security and support of what you are signing, then yes you should take that step.

2. Buy electronic products

It seems an unlikely effect, however, there are many coincidences of failures in technology during Mercury retrogrades, astrologers say. That’s why they suggest not buying electronic products until the planet enters direct again.

3. Getting into gossip

In the weeks that this transit lasts, every word we say will be at the mercy of confusion and will travel very fast, so it is better to avoid talking behind people’s backs because it is more likely that those opinions will reach their ears.

In addition, we must carefully review emails and messages on social networks, if we want to avoid embarrassing moments.

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