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Mercury is approaching Virgo and these will be the changes you will feel

On August 4, Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, intellect, communication and information, will enter Virgo. a sign where he feels comfortable since he is one of those who governs.

Every time a planet changes signs it acquires its astrological vibe, combines it with its energy and its effects can be visible in our daily lives. Virgo is the most analytical of all the zodiac signs and when it receives Mercury it takes on a more focused and hard-working quality.. This means that we will make things easier in the right way.

According to Astrology Answers, during this transit we will be more willing to have the difficult conversations that we put off, delve into the issues that require our attention, solve problems that were previously impossible for us, have more willingness to work hard for what we want and the ability to to see every detail.

However, when Mercury transits Virgo, understanding and commitment are required, that is, although we will have more mental strength, we must know how to exploit it. astrologers say that It is not conducive to judge ourselves with a heavy hand or be perfectionists, but to focus on our physical and emotional needs to work on discovering how we meet those needs.

One of the advantages of this planetary movement is that it will make us more organized, making it easier to focus on personal priorities.

Astrology tells us which signs of the zodiac are the most organized.
Mercury in Virgo gives us a more organized approach. Photo: Shutterstock

How to harness the energy of Mercury in Virgo?

Virgo, as a perfectionist sign, and Mercury, the planet of the intellect, our capacity for analysis will be highly developed. This practical and logical thinking can give us an important boost towards our goals. Follow these astrology recommendations to benefit from this energy.

Make plans for your ideas

It is possible that you will receive cosmic flashes for ideas and projects, so the task will be to pay attention to them and make a plan to carry them out. If new ideas don’t come to you, work on the ones you have pending.

Be open, honest and direct

The theme of expression is one of the main ones in this transit. It will encourage you to reveal your thoughts and feelings, so you will have to be honest and direct. It is not advisable to repress them, however, remember to do them with tact and humility.

Avoid overanalyzing

It is possible to feel the need to turn an issue around and think about one thing for hours. This moment of extreme analysis can be positive if we don’t get bogged down in it. How? Following your instincts and act more. You have to make decisions and not worry about the consequences.

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