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Mercury in transit through Virgo: what awaits your zodiac sign

Mercury, the planet of logic and communication, entered Virgo this Wednesday, but his passage through this earth sign will be something extraordinary. She will remain in this location until August 25, but will return later.

The celestial body will begin its retrograde phase on September 9 and will gradually return to Virgo, which will happen exactly from September 23 to October 2 when it becomes direct again.

This means that Mercury in Virgo will affect us twice in a short period of time. However, being at home, the energy will be comfortable and focused on managing, planning, and being precise and analytical with our interactions.

Based on horoscopes from the New York Post online site, enhanced by astrologer Kyle Thomas, we tell you how this transit will impact your zodiac sign.

The transit of Mercury through Virgo will activate your productivity at work or any project associated with work. He will probably take on new responsibilities because he will have the energy to do so. If he’s looking for a new job opportunity, now is the time, Thomas said.

Taurus’s mind will be focused on romance, love and dating. If you have a partner, you are likely to connect on a more intimate and passionate level; if there are children, he will occupy his attention to them. Stars will line up for singles and get involved with sexy suitors.

It will focus on domestic, home and family situations. You could sign some real estate contracts or renew some. If you want to have an important conversation with a family member, the transit of Mercury in Virgo is the right time, as predicted by the astrologer.

Mercury in Virgo will prompt you to pack up a few things and take a short-distance trip. This adventurous vibe too could impact you on projects related to communications or contracts.

During this astral period, Leo’s priority will have to be his finances. It’s time to analyze your income and expenses to better understand your budget. This energy can also help you to get a new job.

Mercury is its planetary ruler, this means that it will be charging it with energy. You will feel more persuasive and logical, you will have more ideas, visions and clear objectives. Big contracts could come his way, according to Thomas.

Libra’s intuition will be especially stimulated during the transit of Mercury through Virgo. The astrologer suggests paying attention to the signs that the universe sends you because it could be a wonderful moment.

Fun and adventure is what awaits the sign of Scorpio during this planetary movement. Your popularity level will be at an all time high so it will be the perfect time to throw a party or catch up with friends.

It is likely that you will find important opportunities or meetings along your career path. Now is the time to think big and be ambitious, the stars are on your side to launch a project associated with communication.

The horoscope predicts that feel the need to grow personally. Your hard-earned success can be invested in travel, academic studies, or something else you desire from within.

The transit of Mercury through Virgo could bring you money back through an investment, inheritance, or royalties. In this way, you will have to focus on investing your assets wisely.

Pisces will find it easier to converse with partners, colleagues and collaborators. He will harmoniously convey his opinions so that his work commitments will work correctly in the coming weeks.

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