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Mercury goes back from Libra to Virgo: 3 rituals to overcome its effects

Mercury, the planet of communication, logic and technology is causing a lot of confusion, delays and misunderstandings as it moves back from Libra to Virgo, but the good news is that we can deactivate its effects through simple rituals.

On September 9, Mercury turned retrograde in Libra and on the 23rd of this month it will return to Virgo, where it had previously been, then it will stay in this sign until October 2, when it will recover and walk in its natural direction.

In the meantime, we will not be exempt from the chaotic energies that can cause misunderstandings, problems in the way we express ourselves, difficulties in being diplomatic and inability to organize ourselves correctly. All these effects are the result of the combination of Virgo and Libra, signs that this retrograde touches.

As creepy as it may sound Mercury retrograde also has a positive side that, according to the WeMystic.com site, we can take advantage of by performing certain rituals, in this way, we will circumvent its adverse effects.

1. Healing ritual

For this ritual you need a green candle and a sprig of rosemary. In the quietest place in your house, sit comfortably and light the candle with a match. Close your eyes and visualize everything that makes you feel bad at that moment, for example, jealousy, envy, sadness, anger, confusion, etc.

When you are very clear about the things that cause you discomfort, burn the rosemary with the flame of the candle. This act helps free you from all that negativity, like a spiritual reset.

2. Visualization ritual

During Mercury retrogrades it is not advisable to act, but to reflect and plan. This ritual takes advantage of these energies to see clearly what you want in the future. Find a quiet place where no one interrupts you because what we will proceed to do is a small meditation session.

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Think of all the projects you are about to start or would like to undertake. Now visualize mental scenes as if you have already fulfilled everything you want; feel the emotion of seeing your goals materialized. Write on a piece of paper everything you have visualized and the feelings you had. While Mercury is retrograde, read this sheet daily.

3. Ritual of communication

As is well known, Mercury retrograde is responsible for altering all communication systems, and this ritual is to defuse chaos. You must get a blue quartz and an incense, preferably palo santo.

Light the incense with a match and pass the smoke through the quartz. Now, lie down on the bed, the floor or a chair and place the quartz in your throat. Ask the angels or spirit guides to help you have good communication with those around you.

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