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Mercury enters Leo and makes you bolder: how it affects your zodiac sign

From July 19 to August 3, 2022, Mercury will be passing through Leo.. The energy of the planets influences our daily life according to the sign where it is, so this transit, by involving the star that governs logic, mind and communication, with the impetus, ego and strength of the lion, means that it makes us bolder to express ourselves.

When Mercury transits through a fire sign, like Leo, it magnifies its vibe for that reason. now we might be more prone to dramaas if our words created a forest fire, astrologer Kyle Thomas explained in an article for the New York Post in its online version.

The expert said that we will feel anxious to express our opinions, egos and personality because we will have more self-confidence. This means that we could express bold statements.

Below, learn how the energy of Mercury transiting Leo will affect your zodiac sign, according to Thomas.

Mercury enters directly after its retrograde, which in astrology means the culmination of a period of chaos.
Mercury is the astrological planet that governs communication, logic, and thought. Photo: Shutterstock

You will want to express your creativity and opinions in the field of love. It is a good time to use words as a weapon of seduction or ignite the passion with your partner.

Over the next few days, ideas will come to you on how you can have more stability in your home and family affairs. Now is the right time to have those honest conversations with your loved ones.

You will have the opportunity to take a short trip or book one for the future. The theme of this transit is getting out of your comfort zone and having fun. If the plan is to stay home, creativity will flow for a project associated with writing.

This transit impacts your financial sector, so it will be time to talk to an expert to start a savings account or analyze how you can make your money work in the future.

The protagonist of this transit is Leo, so his energy will be at its highest. He will notice it in a greater intuition and power of persuasion. He can use them to strategize in every area of ​​his life.

The intuition will be very stimulated during the next few weeks. Now is the time to listen to your instincts, follow your hunches and find answers in your dreams.

If you want a work break, now is the time. Mercury in Leo invites you to party and go out; social gatherings have pleasant surprises for him, if he is single, he might have more luck.

This transit is auspicious for a promotion. Mercury in Leo touches on your sector of ambitions so you are likely to move up a notch in your long-term goals and objectives.

It is an excellent time to expand your horizons and plan a long-distance trip. On the other hand, you also have the energy in your favor for academic and legal projects.

You should take this opportunity to evaluate your investments, assets, and all money matters. If you had in mind to apply for a loan, now is the right time.

In face-to-face negotiations you will have an advantage. Mercury in Leo is the right transit for making long-term personal plans; there will be luck in the professional.

It will probably be busier for the next few weeks. New projects or responsibilities will arrive or you could even add a new job to your schedule. You need to be attentive to your health and fitness.

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