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Mercury enters Aries and will help you achieve your goals: how to take advantage of this transit

Mercury, the astrological planet that rules thought, communication, and messaging, changes sign about once a month and, As of this March 19, he will move through the territories of the impulsive, energetic and domineering of the Aries beginnings..

When these two energies meet in the sky, we can expect a boost of confidence in our way of expressing ourselves, therefore, this transit that will be in force for around 4 weeks It is perfect to achieve our goals.

Each planet projects a type of energy and acquires the personality of the sign where it is located. This vibe affects us on a collective level and the interesting thing is that we can take advantage of it for our own benefit, according to astrologers.

What does Mercury in Aries mean?

Mercury is the facing planet of communication, mind and intelligence and represents the messenger of the gods. That is why when it is retrograde it alters everything that has to do with technology, travel and we feel slower or confused.

For its part, Aries is a sign of fire, an element associated with passion, creativity and instincts. As it is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, action and passions, its energy is impulsive, motivating and daring.

As Mercury transits Aries we can feel that we have more creative, daring and inspiring ideas that push us to find solutions to old problems and be more passionate towards our goals, astrologers comment in an Astrology Answers article. There is so much energy in the environment that we should not waste it.

How to take advantage of the transit of Mercury in Aries?

To get a benefit from this powerful transit, we can resort to some actions that will allow us to push ourselves towards the goals we want.

One of them is write down on a list what our goals are. Astrologers ask that we be clear and include what steps we will follow to reach each of these goals. If you are true to what your heart says, you are more likely to choose the path that is best for you, remember that the independent energy of Aries is behind you.

On the other hand, the ram will make us speak impulsively, so the second recommendation is think twice before saying something. This way we will avoid getting into trouble and we will be more prudent. It is likely that many ideas come to mind, instead of expressing them, write them down and analyze them carefully later.

as last tip we shouldn’t take things personally. Remember that Mercury in Aries affects everyone, so it is possible that you will hear impulsive comments about yourself or others will not comply with your demands. The advantage you have is that you are already aware of the effects of this astrological movement, so take advantage of it to anticipate.

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