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Mercury enters Aquarius: why you will feel more inspired

Mercury will begin its transit through Aquarius on February 11. resulting in the projection of a creative, inspiring and open energy that will make us communicate our ideas more effectively.

This planet is in charge of communication, intelligence, information and technology, and responsible for making sure our messages are delivered on time. For its part, Aquarius is an intellectual air sign associated with progress, ideals and inspiration. When these two astrological elements come together, it means that we are wiser..

What can we expect as Mercury roams the Aquarius territories? We will have more visionary and exciting ideas, our thinking will be sharper and more resourceful. For this reason it is one of the most important planetary movements related to the expression of our thoughts.

The inspiring and creative energy will be fertile, so we may wonder how to harness it. Astrologers from Astrology Answers revealed some tips that we can follow while this transit is in effect.

How to take advantage of the transit of Mercury through Aquarius?

Aquarius is ruled by the rebellious Uranus, which means that they tend to say whatever first comes to mind. With the energy of Mercury interceding it is possible to express things accidentally, so the first advice of astrologers is balance logic with emotions. The water bearer of the zodiac is separated from the emotional realm, but now that he combines his energy with that of Mercury, it will be easier for him to express what he feels.

It is possible that we have more desire to go against the established rules, although it is a good time to think outside the boxyou have to do it without violating the laws, breaking promises or invading the freedoms of others.

In this sense, more creative and progressive ideas will come to our minds and new ways of approaching and solving problems will be revealed to us. Astrologers recommend write all of them and tune them with our pending tasksso we will avoid stagnating and move faster towards our goals.

On the other hand, Mercury encourages open communication and Aquarius is a humanitarian sign that loves people, so this transit is ideal to be kind, kind, express love and be compassionate.

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