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Mercadona raises base salary for 96,000 employees

Decision of the Spanish supermarket chain will take effect as early as January and aims to help combat the inflationary spiral.

The Management Committee of Mercadona, a supermarket company, has decided to increase the base salary of its entire team in line with the final CPI of December 2022.

This measure will come into force from the January salary of the more than 96,000 employees who are part of the company in Portugal and Spain, according to the definitive CPI for the month of December applied in each country.

The objective is to maintain the purchasing power of all the people who are part of Mercadona.

Productivity increases by 9%

Mercadona, aware that the increase in wages in 2022 in line with inflation of 6.5% in Spain and 2.7% in Portugal would mean an increase in its fixed costs, implemented a series of new measures.

Among them, the improvements in the digitization of its processes and the commitment to make the entire team aware of the analysis of incurred costs, movements that resulted, at the end of the year, in a 9% increase in productivity and cost savings of more than 200 million of euros.

Mercadona had already announced, last October, an 11% increase in the entry salary of its employees in Portugal, to which the IPC update will now be added to the entire salary scale.

According to a source from the Spanish company, “at Mercadona, salary progression is one of the ways of rewarding employees for the effort and dedication they put in on a daily basis”.

“It’s one of the benefits we offer, along with other values ​​such as effectiveness from day 1 or training. In this way, salary progression can vary between 4 and 5 levels, with an 11% salary increase being applied at each level, for a maximum of 5 years, depending on the position held by the employee”, he added.

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