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Meo, NOS and Vodafone raise prices by 7.8%

If you are a Meo or NOS customer, the increases will come in February. Vodafone updates pricing on March 1st.

Major telecom operators will raise prices with reference to the rate of inflation. This means that the global value of invoices will increase by 7.8%.

THE Meo was the first operator to alert for the price list update in February. At the time, it pointed to 7.2%, but the rate turned out to be higher, according to the annual average change rate of inflation in 2022 released by INE.

THE US, in turn, published a note on its website informing that it would update the price of services according to the 2022 annual Consumer Price Index, that is, by 7.8%. It further informed that this update would come into effect on February 1 and will affect “only the monthly fees for the services, remaining unchanged any other fees for the services”.

Already the Vodafone Portugal will update the prices of products and services from March 1, 2023. Also in a note published on its website, the operator foresees a maximum increase of 7.8% in the overall value of the invoice, noting that it will have more detailed information on the new prices from January 30th.

It should be recalled that in October 2022, ANACOM called on operators to assess the impact of their pricing policies, as families “are facing an unprecedented increase in the cost of living in recent history”. At the time, the regulator recalled that Portugal has prices for communications services higher than the European Union average.

Once the increases are publicized, it becomes clear that the appeal has had no effect. In addition to increases in rents, interest on loans, fuel prices, essential services and food products, count on this increase.

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