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If you loved the decoration themes for a children’s party for women, it’s time topresent men’s children’s party themes🇧🇷 Themes such as bear, football and circus are among the most sought after in event locations and party venues. If you are looking for suggestions, here are some tips:


Table decorated with bears. (Photo Disclosure)

It is a delicate theme and can be easily integrated to boys children’s parties🇧🇷 The teddy bears scattered throughout the environment, provide innocence and delicacy of childhood. Versatility is a striking point when decorating the theme. The theme allows the insertion of different colors, in addition to enabling the development of a romantic and delicate environment.

Teddy bears can also be worked on in several other contexts. It is important to set up a scenario where children can interact with the characters. It is possible, for example, to place a teddy bear next to a swing or even set up an environment with just teddy bears for children to play with.

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Table inspired by the Corinthians team. (Photo Disclosure)

Football is an excellent topic for a boy children’s party🇧🇷 In addition to brightening up the party, the theme is versatile and can easily be assembled for a birthday. For decoration, the tip is to create a bet on balls and many balloons. As for the cake and sweets, the suggestion is to make personalized ball-shaped brigadeiros and cupcakes, or if you prefer, use paper decorated with the child’s team to place the sweets.

An interesting tip for souvenirs of this theme is to put candies and sweets in a cornet and pack it to give as a gift to guests. In addition to being useful for playing after the party, the little ones will love the goodies in the present.

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Circus table for children’s party (Photo Disclosure)

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O circus theme for kids party it’s success for sure! The theme allows you to insert several illustrations and even have the participation of a clown to entertain guests.

The main table can be decorated with theme inspirations. Shades such as red, orange, blue, yellow and green are the most requested in circus decoration. As for the illustrations, it is possible to include clowns, jugglers and many other artists that children love.

Bet on the balloons, and the more colorful, the better! Children love to play with them. Whether to pop or play with friends.

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